Epic Journeys – Samarkand to Khiva, Uzbekistan

Today I’m talking about the day I left Samarkand, last year, to make my way to destination Khiva, via Bukhara across the Uzbek desert. No border crossings involved in this travel expedition, but it was a journey of around 728 kilometres and there was one key factor I think that makes these sort of journeys epic – I wasn’t 100% sure I would reach my destination by the end of the day. Let's see how it went!

Essential Tips for Travel to Uzbekistan!

So, you want to go to Uzbekistan? No? You should, it’s an amazing country with incredible history and more! Friendly people, amazing architecture, parks, fountains, museums, improving transport infrastructure which now includes high-speed rail, it’s becoming more and more accessible as well, really – it could be the next BIG THING. It could be the next big destination people start to flock too!

The Perfect Place to Stay on the Silk Road – Jahongir Bed and Breakfast, Samarkand

Samarkand is the ultimate in spots on the Silk Road. It’s Registan is incredible, there are a raft of other amazing historic sites, it’s positioned somewhere ‘in the middle’ – it’s only a short ride to the border with Tajikistan, it has fast train connections to the capital Tashkent and to Bukhara, in short if …

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Samarkand’s Incredible Registan

Howdy all. One of the most ‘fabled’ cities on the old Silk Road is without a doubt Uzbekistan’s Samarkand. It has a number of sites worth seeing, and a great place to experience Islamic Architecture. It’s a beautiful city, with wide roads and then miles of little backstreets in the old parts. When I visited …

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Sunday Spotlight – Samarkand

Welcome to the sunniest of Sunday Spotlights, concluding this week’s look at Central Asia. Samarkand is a city full of rich history and beautiful Islamic architecture. Bukhara has a more clear distinction between old and new cities, but Samarkand’s ancient treasures seem to be weaved into the modern city a lot more than the equally …

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Value Destinations – Uzbekistan

Hi everyone! In the new year I am searching for some new ideas for posts, and this is one I’ve come up with ‘Value Destinations’ – that’s places that I reckon represent a decent bang for your buck. Some places can be quite frustrating because money disappears at a rate if knots, your accommodation is …

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Five awesome places I’ve seen

Every blog needs a hook right? Okay so I thought I would sit down and think of five awesome places I have been, chuck in some photos and blab on a little about them.   5. The Pyramids, Egypt.   When I first headed overseas to backpack about, I knew there were a couple of …

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