Accommodation Review – Hostal Los Uros, Puno

Puno seemed like an interesting little place, between Machu Picchu and the Bolivian border. It was just a one night stop over for me on my journey across South America. So, I wanted a cheap bed for the night. I arrived after dark and left early in the morning, so it didn’t need to be an amazing room, and so I decided to go cheap.

And cheap is what I got – at 30 Peruvian Soles for the night, less than $US10, it was the cheapest sleep of the entire strip to South America. And I had a single room with a bathroom.

The bathroom was a bit ho-hum to be honest but it was okay, it just had one of those electric showers that I tend to bang on about as they are so crappy, and this one wasn’t much better than the one in Cusco – however, it didn’t zap me so I should definitely be thankful for small mercies.

It’s on a small and quite dark street, at the end you seem pretty central to Puno although I had no real orientation to the town. There are a few places to eat nearby – I went for a roast chicken place which again was really cheap and tasty. It was also packed and not especially clean (if you want a balanced review!).

The view on the way to Puno,

Back to the room, I had one in a taller building behind the main building on the first floor (that’s not the ground floor for those who called the ground floor the first floor). It was okay, the bed was a bit hard, so were the pillows. It took a while to fall asleep but I slept okay after that. There was a sort of courtyard/carpark below the window, and there wasn’t much activity but I don’t think it would have kept the noise out at all if there was.

The receptionist didn’t really speak English (which doesn’t bother me at all, just thought to note it) but he was friendly. The front building is a bit dark I guess, where you enter from the street. I think it wouldn’t prove that comfortable if you were stopped in Puno for a few days and visiting Lake Titicaca, but for a short one or two-night stay it was pretty much perfect and as mentioned, cheap.


Andrew’s Ratings:

Value for Money: 4.5/5

Cleanliness: 2/5

Noise: 3/5

Location: 3/5

Service/Friendliness: 3.5/5

TOTAL: 16/25 (64/100)

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