Accommodation Review – Pacific Heights Apartments, Merimbula

Howdy all! Today it’s time for another ‘Accommodation Review’ and today it’s the great little place my wife and I stayed at in Merimbula, the Pacific Heights Apartments. We were going to be there for a few days, so we want a decent place with a bit of space (and a rhyme, from time to time!) and we were pretty happy all told in the Pacific Heights Apartments, which came in at around $700AUD for 4 nights and were so spacious. I’d have to say the most spacious place I’ve stayed in my life – that I had to pay for at least!

And all credit to my wife for finding this place and alerting me to it. Merimbula is a town by the water, a nice inlet where the ocean moves into the land. I found the best deal I could on one of the most reliable hotel aggregate sites out there, and that’s ‘’. It always has close to if not THE cheapest price, and it’s great when it’s less than the official price from the accommodation.

To be honest, for the size of the place the price was brilliant. It had a great kitchen, a separate room for watching TV and relaxing, two bedrooms, two bathrooms (albeit without a bath sadly), an undercover carport, a balcony, a small outdoor area and a small laundry with washing machine and dryer. It could easily accommodate two couples. It was a great find.

How was the quality of the stay? Well, there were no air conditioners but that didn’t matter when we were there. Being on the east coast even at the height of summer I presume it doesn’t get that hot and there were fans. It was clean, perhaps a fraction dated in some ways – mostly the bedroom décor, but all in all it was very good. Not 5 star luxury, but it was more than we needed. There was even a second fridge which is cool in the living space.

The layout sees every room on a new level to the previous. So there are stairs. Because it is deep (but not wide) you walk up a few steps to kitchen and dining area at the back. Then up 6 – 8 stairs to the living room at the front (and balcony) then up to the first bedroom and bathroom, and finally the second bedroom and its en suite. The kitchen, by the way, was really well stocked with plates, pans, utensils, toaster, electric fryer and more. And there was a free bottle of wine on arrival too.

Mike, the manager there was a super friendly and very laid back, kind guy. There’s a little office and he lives on site so he’s pretty available whenever you need him – although we didn’t call on him in the middle of the night, of course.

There’s a small but nice pool, and a BBQ area, and although the place is set out on a hill, it doesn’t make it hard to walk around. It’s really all you could want in a place like Merimbula, which we found to be pretty quiet on the whole, which was, at the time, just what the doctor order!

All in all, we were very happy with the Pacific Heights Apartment we stayed in and would thoroughly recommend the place to anyone who was visiting Merimbula!

Andy’s Ratings:

Location: 3.5/5

Value For Money: 4.5/5

Noise: 4/5


Service: 4.5/5

TOTAL: 20/25 [80/100]

Cost – $684AUD for four nights (after 10% discount)

Thanks for popping by – May the Journey Never End!


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