Top Sleeps of 2022

Yes sir, it is that time of the year! The ‘silly season’ us upon us and that means it’s time for ‘best ofs’! And I am starting today with the best sleeps I had in 2022 – such that they were considering I only had a handful to pick from.

Let’s start with the WORST, which had to be the experience I had at the Nowa Nowa Motel. In fact, it was quite spooky all said! Only one other patron and a gardener, half the rooms were half renovated, there was no operating reception either. And on top of it all, well, the mosquitoes! All night I killed ten that were buzzing about and stopping us from sleeping! The full review here –

The Haunting of the Nowa Nowa Motel!

And now the top three, ending with number one being the best sleep of 2022 in case there was any confusion.

3/ Metro Hotel Marlow Central Sydney

Although not the most perfect hotel, it was very reasonably priced for starters. Perfect location and there was a bathtub. Honestly a three-star hotel in Central Sydney for only a bit over $100 that is actually pretty decent is hard to find, but this one fit the bill and was an easy walk from Sydney Central Station for trains, buses and the local trains too.

2/ Apollo Bay Seal Apartments

Although a bit on the pricey side (actually quite a bit) this was a great place to stay just OUT of Apollo Bay in Merenda. They are modern and actually quite spacious, nice balcony, let in a lot of sunlight too and a really nice kitchen although they could have done with a few more utensils. Very clean and open, pity there was no bath but the shower was really good.

1/ Pacific Heights Apartments in Merimbula

This stay was great. There was so much space in these amazing apartments. Many rooms, a fully equipped kitchen and for once a reception with a person there most of the day, and great friendly service as well, lovely views over Merimbula and the best thing – a pool! And pricewise it was about a hundred dollars cheaper than the Apollo Bay Seal Apartments, whilst having an extra bathroom!

Generally I think I have been pretty fortunate in my accommodations over the years, and 2022 was no exception I was happy with all bar of the places I stayed (my Gold Coast accommodation could have easily made the top three two it was a toss up between it and Sydney).

Thanks for popping by today! Take care wherever you are in the world right now, and may the journey never end!


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