Haunting But Beautiful? Mostar – Through My Lens!

Hi all! Today’s post I am taking you, through my camera, to destination Bosnia-Hercegovina. Mostar is in the south-east of the country, and it’s actually technically in the ‘Hercegovina’ region of the country. But today’s photos are not just from Mostar, but also of two day trips that I took – to Medjugorje, a Croat town in Hercegovina where in the 1980s a group of children/teenagers saw a vision of Mary on a hill. It became a place pilgrims came, Catholic pilgrims from not just Croatia and other parts of Bosnia-Hercegovina, but from many other countries as well. The town of Blagaj is home to this famous monastery which is beautifully situated next to a cliff with a body of water at the bottom. A small lake perhaps? An extension of a river.

This was 2004, and I can only presume this region is a very different place after 17 years. The war in Bosnia-Hercegovina was still relatively ‘fresh’ I guess, having finished less than 9 years earlier. So you will see a lot of damaged and destroyed buildings in these photos. It was a time when Mostar was opening up and hoping to attract more tourists. Anyways, to the photographs!

Cross on the Croat side of Mostar.
Medjugorje from the hill.
Road to Blagaj
Stari Most (Old Bridge) in Mostar

Thanks for visiting today! Take care – and May the Journey Never End!


6 thoughts on “Haunting But Beautiful? Mostar – Through My Lens!

  1. You could still see the traces of the war. I remember going through the area with the houses blown up on one side, sometimes the car was still in the garage, on the other side the pre-built houses given by NGOs that were trying to restart the village. Haunting.

  2. We were back a 2nd time last year Andy (just before Covid). And after our 1st trip in 2015, we found Mostar is looking in better shape. Still tons of ruined buildings but I’d say about a third had been restored on our last visit.

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