A Misty Day in Porto – Through My Lens (2)

Howdy all hoping this post finds you well. Last week I shared some photos from one day in Porto. Today, I am sharing pics from a different day when the weather was VERY different – rain, clouds and fog all through the city. We headed across the Luis I bridge and we visited Taylor’s Winery where produce port and had a tour of this winery. The mist/fog really gave a unique feel to the day, and to the pictures. Although I would always prefer to have a blue sky (well almost all always) for my photos, there’s no denying the atmosphere of what we experienced on this day too. Enjoy!

Central Porto on the river
Interesting Porto Building

Thanks for popping by! May the Journey Never End!


8 thoughts on “A Misty Day in Porto – Through My Lens (2)

  1. A unique perspective of Porto! Considering that it’s in the sunny country of Portugal, one might be shocked at such photos of overcast skies. But there’s no denying there’s still beauty with the grey skies!

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