Adventure in Cameroon – Douala and Kribi!

Howdy all and happy Friday! Today I’ve the first video/vlog I pieced together from the footage I had converted late last year from various places. This footage was originally digital, but it was on Mini-DV tapes which I was unable to upload onto my computer. They all are from my 2011 trip. I’d already made videos from a number of them, but others I had never gotten around to – until now!

The videos are variable in quality and the camera shot in HD, but it doesn’t seem that ‘HD’ to me now. The ratio I think was 1080 by 540 or so. So the images are not as crisp as the ones I shoot today obviously. And the tapes have a few glitches here and there, although the ones shot in Cameroon have held up as good as any.

Cameroon is such a beautiful country, albeit one with internal issues at the moment which I have written about before – see ‘Cameroon in Crisis‘ for more details.

Today’s video is the first half of my trip in 2011 to Cameroon, and sees me visit Douala, where the main airport is and the biggest city in Cameroon, and Kribi, in the south not too far from the border with Gabon. It’s a sleepy seaside town with some okay beaches, but is mostly a place for fishing. There are some small but nice waterfalls there too – ‘Chutes de Lobe’ and it’s common for the foreign tourists to take a pirogue down the river to visit a pygmy village, although I feel a bit funny about it in retrospect.

It’s a beautiful place and I think it makes an interesting video – so Enjoy!

Thanks for popping by today, take care, and May the Journey Never End!


2 thoughts on “Adventure in Cameroon – Douala and Kribi!

  1. Never been to Cameroon, but I know that it’s a former French colony. I had a co-worker from Cameroon, and I hope to visit to see the beauty of her home country. Perhaps one day!

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