Top Posts of 2020

Hi all. Well, it’s finally arrived! We have ALMOST (touchwood!) made it through the incredible, bombastic and dare I say difficult year that has been 2020. Wherever you are, congratulations for that because it’s been one heck of a year! And somehow we have made our way to the end of it, hoping but perhaps not quite daring to dream of a better year ahead.

So, it’s time to look back on the year and I can present to you my most popular posts of the year. To be clear, these are my most popular posts that I posted in 2020 – there are some from previous years that feature in my top ten for example.

From Around the Web – When Bald and Bankrupt met Kolya

So the first one has been my most popular ‘From Around the Web’ post by far. The beautiful story of Mr Bald and Kolya, a Belorussian living in the Chernobyl exclusion zone in southern Belarus. It’s a great series of videos which will touch your heart and you will be amazed to see how Kolya lives. Highly recommended!

Remembering Tim Brooke-Taylor

So earlier this year, Goodie and comedian Tim Brooke-Taylor passed away due to Covid-19. It’s a rare post with no travel related themes, but it was one of my most popular.

Lockdown Around the World – The Corona Experience

So I asked a number of bloggers to write a short paragraph about lockdown and dealing with corona virus in different locations across the world. I did three posts which were great collaborations, and this one was the most popular. This one features Rochelle, Eromonsele & Lexie and in fact was published at the end of March. Yes, it’s been going on so long!

I Visited Russia… So You Don’t Have To!

I had a few of these posts with the ‘so you don’t have to’ tags, and this was by far the most popular. It even got shared on some interesting Russian sites! The idea was I would write about my experiences in Russia, which I’ve been to three times in total.


Why I’m Not a Fan of These Cities

This post proves my theory that if you go negative, you get views/the post will be popular. What countries were they? Well, if you didn’t read, click and find out!

Thanks for popping by today. Happy New Year and May the Journey Never End!


3 thoughts on “Top Posts of 2020

  1. Glad to see you recap some of your most-popular posts of 2020! I have no idea what mine are, but it’s always great to go back and see just what we’ve written over the last 12 months and see the growth! I especially enjoyed your Russia post, as it’s a country I’d like to explore more of in the future. Thanks for sharing, Andy!

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