2021 – What’s in Store on the Blog and in Life?

So folks. Yes, I’m daring to do it. I am daring to actually think about possibly planning to do some thing maybe if we’re all very lucky in 2021. What destinations? Where will I go? Where will I be able to go? Well, these are questions I do somewhat worry about answering on the basis that I may end up jinxing not only myself but the rest of the world.

But anyways. I can start by talking about the blog, my vlogs and YouTube channel at least. The thing is, so much of this has to do with not only how Australia but Victoria and then other countries deal with this.. you know… what’s it called again? CORONA FREAKING VIRUS.

So anyways no-one can say how the year will pan out, but if things hold well here in Australia and in particular Victoria, I will be working hard on a new series of vlogs for my YouTube Channel. This new series will be called ‘Revealing Melbourne’. I’m a little concerned that with Australia so cut off from the world that who’s going to, outside Australia, want to watch this but I need to produce more and regular content, and so I think considering the times we are living in right now, this is the only way to go about it.

I also will hopefully get away on overnight or day trips to other parts of the state, so that will help me compile more new content for both YouTube and the blog. And state borders allowing, I hope to get away at least once in the first six months of the year to another state, leading candidates at this early stage are Tasmania and South Australia.

I think for now booking of trips anywhere is not going to be done, by me at least, months in advance. There will no doubt be at the very least lingering unpredictability over what people can do and where they can go as so far as domestic travel is concerned. Fingers crossed that some will be possible!

Meet Kon the Koala. Possibly soon to feature in a few vlogs!

Also, on the subject of vlogs and YouTube, I recently purchased a little koala hand puppet which will possibly be featuring in some of my videos. I’ve gone with ‘Kon the Koala’ as it backs up my enjoyment of alliteration. I thought this could be an interesting and humorous way to talk about places and create some back and forth when I’m not doing stuff with others.

So obviously I hope I can get to a few new restaurants as well and the occasional hotel stay so I can keep my Wednesday reviews going. Otherwise I still have a few I think I can do as ‘Retro Reviews’. I’ll also be looking for new and different experiences to blog and vlog about.

Getting ready to go Cameroon

I also have just recently received a bunch of old mini DV tapes back from being converted. I paid $160 bucks and I’m a little disappointed. The quality isn’t great, but then they are old and have been around the world 1.5 times. Strangely some of the ratios are screwed with and stuff I shot in 16:9 has come back squashed into 4:3 which will need to be corrected, which I think can do. Nevertheless look out for a few new videos from my 2011 footage from Cameroon, UK, Cologne, Luxembourg and Japan!

The second half of the year I am HOPING to get back to Japan with my wife for a week. There is talk of a ‘travel bubble’ and Japan, along with New Zealand, South Korea and Singapore plus some Pacific Islands are being talked about as being part of the bubble, with Australia. I haven’t been to any Pacific Islands except for Fiji, and I haven’t been to South (or indeed North) Korea. So there is slight potential to increase ever so slightly the number of countries I’ve visited, but that’s ALL a real ‘wait and see’ situation.

I plan to do a sort of ‘finals series’ with my popular series of posts known as ‘City Rumble’s. So there’s something to look out for. I will also be trying to get a few more blogger interviews done in the new year. Generally view dip around this time of year, so I stopped with those at the end of November, however I have a few I’d like to ask – and by the time this has been published I may well have – for interviews heading into 2021.

And hopefully I’ll come up with a few new ideas for you as well! Take care over the New Year period and stay safe! Take care – and May the Journey Never End!


11 thoughts on “2021 – What’s in Store on the Blog and in Life?

  1. While I would kill to travel once more, I believe realistically we won’t be able to go internationally until 2022, perhaps late 2021, if we’re lucky. Yet, despite the uncertainty, I still have blog post ideas to contribute in 2021, and then some. Looks like you’re planning ahead for what’s to come on your blog; I can’t wait to see it all!

    1. Well here we are and we’ve just got a couple of new outbreaks and so we are stressing more lockdown could Benin store. So realistically I feel like its anyone’s guess when we can travel internationally again.

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