Lockdown Around the World – The Corona Experience 1

G’day all. How is your Monday going? Well, here’s a little idea I had to collate some experiences from other bloggers from around the world of what it is like in lock-down or just generally as we all deal with the impact of COVID-19/Corona Virus on all our lives. So today I have short experiences from four travel bloggers from different parts of the world and it’s a HUGE thank you to Eromonsele from Lagos, Nigeria, Rochelle from Jamaica, Lexxie from Texas, USA, and Frank who is from Canada but is residing in Leon, Spain at the moment and generally calls Europe home. They all have wonderful blogs that I highly recommend you check out and do some ‘virtual travelling’, and also learn a little about life in other places and dealing with life in these strange times.

Eromonsele Emmanuel ‘Ericotrips’

Eromosele runs a great blog out of Lagos, Nigeria which, like all of these blogs, I highly recommend. Full of experiences in Nigeria and particularly Lagos, the blog is informative and opens up a part of the world you may know little about!


I live in Lagos, Nigeria and the confirmed cases of Covid-19 have been increasing in 2s and 3s since the first confirmed imported case from Italy.
To combat this spread our Governor, His Excellency Babajide Sanwo-Olu has worked together with our health ministry at state and federal level to combat the spread.
First off, all schools were ordered closed some days ago. Also, religious activities in Churches and Mosques have been restricted to 50 persons at most. Some churches like mine have even stopped services and we’re currently streaming Sunday programs via YouTube and other platforms. However, some over religious persons have continued Worship like nothing’s happening. Sad.
Just of recent, our confirmed cases nationwide has grown to 44 with attendees from a recent award ceremony, AMVCA advised to self quarantine!
In the public transit sector in Lagos, buses are advised to convey only capacity passengers that is, no standing passengers old or young.
Lagos government plans to shut down

… all entry into the state if the situation continues to increase and as for our international airport, Murtala Mohammed Airport it has been ordered shit to all non essential flights from the international community.
To comprehensively tackle the problem of people moving around, the government plans to convert some schools in certain local government areas to temporary markets so citizens within the state don’t travel too far.
Again, beauty salons, gadget shops and the likes have been ordered closed from today.

Rochelle Knight – ‘Adventures from Elle’

Now a trip to Jamaica, from the brilliant Rochelle who writes about travel and life in Jamaica and elsewhere in the Caribbean. Rochelle is on the frontline right now in the fight against Corona Virus as a doctor.

Adventures from Elle

We’re currently under an islandwide shutdown of all schools, libraries, colleges and universities for minimum one month. All non-essential workers who are able to work from home have been advised to do so. Meetings, lessons, many classes and even town hall briefings between the ministry and public are being conducted virtually which widens the gap between those with Internet access at home and those without. This crisis reinforces how much Internet access has become a basic requirement for modern-day society, rather than a luxury. Essential workers have been getting trained in how to properly don and duff the required protective gear although these are in limited supply, even for first responders. Hospitals across the country have cancelled most outpatient clinics and elective surgeries, and are getting developed and retrofitted in a hurry to handle the WHO’s projected number of cases requiring hospitalization and even ventilatory support. Our roads have very few cars and pedestrians since the shutdown but supermarkets are always full as everyone attempts to stock up on food, hand sanitizer and even toilet paper to last for several months. Gatherings larger than 10 people are prohibited, the annual track meets and even Jamaica Carnival have been rescheduled and people over the age of 75 are banned from leaving the house unless in dire circumstances. In fact, no visits are being allowed to golden age homes in an attempt to protect the country’s most vulnerable. As of March 21 our air and sea ports have been closed to arriving passengers for a minimum of 14 days. Our largest economic activity is tourism so we expect to feel the repercussions soon with zero tourist arrivals, and total shutdown of our attractions, beaches and most hotels. At the time of writing, Jamaica has had 25 total confirmed cases and 1 death, so thankfully we’re being proactive and not reactive but there’s no end in sight yet for when these restrictions will end. There has been local transmission of the virus so we are bracing ourselves for an exponential increase in the number of confirmed cases any time soon.

Lexie – ‘One Foot Out the Door’

I’ve been reading Lexie’s fantastic travel blog for a few years now. Based out of Houston she’s been to a lot of places, and has a lot of great quality travel content on her blog. Lexie recently went to Guatemala before the Corona Virus really struck, has travelled the USA and takes brilliant photos too!

One Foot Out the Door

We are all living in alternate realities these days, and here’s what mine looks like in Houston, Texas:  Our state is a study in contradiction in the sense that it has a Republican governor and many residents who are outspoken believers in individual rights and independent policies (don’t forget this was once its own republic!), but we also have three of the largest cities in the entire U.S., and the one I live in is run by a much more liberal set of leaders. Although our state as a whole is still not under an official lockdown order, our city is. Even before that mandate was handed down, most people here were taking it pretty seriously to protect themselves and others, so our restaurants and many other businesses have been shuttered for over a week.

In our own household of just my husband and myself, life on the surface looks pretty much the same, but underneath his long workdays and my somewhat abbreviated ones is an on-and-off wave of stress. We have limited our grocery shopping to very infrequent runs (I am used to going every day), we are trying to order some takeout (which we rarely did in the past) to support our local businesses, and we are wiping down everything that enters our house from outside (I have never been much of a germaphobe!).

We are trying to get outdoors for a run, a walk, or a bike ride at least once a day. We are keeping in daily contact with our three kids who all live in different states and who are all behaving as we are. We don’t have any idea when we might see them or our siblings or parents, all of whom live far away. My husband is working to keep his company and its customers afloat, and he has the unenviable task of assessing his workforce for needed reductions. My own worries are related to family, most immediately how my son and his wife will handle her upcoming delivery of our first grandchild and how we might be able to help or even get to them at that time. My elderly parents are now back in their main home after a stressful exit from our house here to a winter home in Georgia and then back to their northern home. I worry about their ability to cope with all the new rules, particularly because they seem much too cavalier about things to me.

The photo is from a recent weekend outing to the Texas countryside and depicts a little old schoolhouse. It reflects many of the emotions I am feeling these days: separation, a lack of color and vibrancy, and – to end on a positive note – hope for the future in those open windows!

Sending wishes to all your readers to stay healthy, safe, and sane!


Frank – Travels of BBQ Boy and Spanky

Frank’s blog is a great blog. Frank lives in Europe and has lived in many cities across the continent from Spain to Croatia to Ukraine. It’s a great blog for slow travel and has a wealth of information. You won’t just find blogs on Europe, Frank has travelled far and wide, there’s some great content on Mexico too and Canada, where Frank hails from. His wife, Lissette, also contributes too and together they make a fantastic blogging team!

The Travels of BBQ Boy and Spanky

Today is day 13 of our lockdown in Leon, Spain.
We came to Spain looking for our next home. We arrived February 1 st and travelled through much of the country. The virus was something that we heard about in China. Then Italy. When we left Valencia on March 11 th everyone was gearing up for the Fallas festival. Every day, fireworks would go off in the streets and thousands would congregate to see them. We arrived in Leon. There was an unease in the air. We listened to the news and decided to change our booking from a week to a
month. The next day Spain declared a “State of Alarm” and closed down the country. That’s how quick it’s all happened. Luckily we have a great Airbnb apartment in Leon. We also have Spanish health insurance. We’re going to wait it out. We’re happy not having to get on a plane. Lockdown is a different challenge as
we write about in our Spanish lockdown diaries. We never thought anyone would be interested but they’ve proved to be a hit…unfortunately for all the wrong reasons as people all around the world are increasingly in the same situation as Spain.


A HUGE thanks to the four who have contributed above. Generally, across the board travel blogs aren’t receiving as many hits these days thanks to COVID-19 so I encourage to check out each of their blogs as they are really brilliant, all of them. What are YOUR current experiences with Corona? Are you in lockdown and how is that for you? I will have a second of these posts, probably in a week, with contributions from more bloggers who have so kindly responded to my request. Wherever you may be, stay safe, and until next time – May the Journey Never End!

17 thoughts on “Lockdown Around the World – The Corona Experience 1

  1. Great idea, Andy; I’m honored to be part of your worldwide group to check in! I look forward to the others’ posts and hope you are still doing OK in Australia!

  2. Thanks so much for the feature Andy! Actually there’s an update. Our President, Mr Muhammad Buhari just ordered a lockdown in all the epicentre of this virus in Nigeria and as much as I’d hate, this includes Lagos. The decision was taken to curb the spread and the lockdown will begin by 23:00 hours today, WAT.
    Everyone’s quite nervous and panic buying but I’m sure the number of cases could reduce before the 14 days run out.

  3. Great post, Andy and great idea to post stories on how people experiencing the COVID-19 around the globe. The virus travels fast and let’s hope the situation is improving soon..

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