A Visit to Saddam Hussein’s Palace

Many years ago now, Saddam Hussein was still in power in Iraq, and in the north of the country, in Kurdistan, he built himself a palace at the top of a mountain. These days, the few tourists that do dare to tip their toes in the destination that is Iraq (do keep in mind that Kurdistan, in the north of the country was basically autonomous at the end of his reign and is considered a safe part of the country to visit) often end up visiting this palace, now a shell of the building it once was.

I’ve got two videos here for you. One sees Kara and Nate, who have travelled to over 100 countries together now, go there in the middle of winter. This video is more about the experiences in the SNOW on the way there than the palace itself.

Secondly I found ‘Ramblin’ Randy’ just now as I tried to find the original video I saw on the palace, which I just can’t find now. He’s is a longer, more in depth look at the palace itself. *** I am pretty sure now that they are different palaces! Nevertheless, Enjoy!

Thanks for popping by! May the Journey Never End!


3 thoughts on “A Visit to Saddam Hussein’s Palace

  1. I’ve watched Kara and Nate’s video on the palace, although I didn’t get as much in depth as I’d like about the palace proper (as it was more about, of course, the snow). But it truly is fascinating to see a place that was so opulent just a decade-and-a-half ago, and it must be a fascinating trip over to see what it had been before. Thanks for sharing!

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