Tasting Melbourne – Hofbrauhaus (German Restaurant)

A number of weeks ago now (well, as per when this post will appear) I visited Chinatown in Melbourne. We have a pretty decent Chinatown in the centre of town, where you certainly can find a plethora of Chinese eateries. I remember a wonderful dumpling restaurant from my fays at University that we would frequent for lunches.

However, as you will have observed in the title of the post, I did not go to a Chinese restaurant on this particular day. Instead my friend Ivan strongly urged me, suddenly, to go for a German meal at the ‘Hofbrauhaus’. He’d been there before and seemed particularly keen, so I thought ‘Why not?’ Actually, to be more accurate, this is a Bavarian Restaurant!

It was a late lunch, so the place was fairly quiet apart from a table with a couple of tourists who were really enjoying what looked to be some seriously delicious pork.

Perusing the menu there was definitely a lot of meat on the menu, including pork and pig meat products. And of course it was filled with snitzels. And then there was a large range of beers on tap of course.

They have their own beer which I found very drinkable. I just had the one small pint with my lunch, Ivan went for the full litre! What did we eat? Well, there were several tempters on the menu, but in the end we decided to share what you could probably call a ‘sausage platter’. Basically it was exactly what it sounds like. Four (I think) different kinds of sausages that we shared with mustard and sauce.

And it came with a couple of large pretzels too. Which I still maintain are just… not particularly tasty snacks. All in all though, it was very tasty indeed. Could have been more on the platter if I am honest.

All and all in was $86 for the two of us, which I think was pretty reasonable. So, if you are looking for a German restaurant when you’re in Melbourne, if you fancy a snitzel or a bratwurst, or are feeling just a little Bavarian, well this might just be a place worth stopping in for a feed or a bier!

Thanks for reading, May the Journey Never End!

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