Jerusalem – Museums and Memorials

Hey all. You find me right now waiting for my Nesher service to Ben Gurion Airport in my hotel lobby. It’s 245am and so I’ve managed a about five hours sleep but I’m ready to go and packed so that’s all that really matters I guess.

What better opportunity to fill you in on the last two days, right? When I’m feeling vague and the world is blurry!Cochin Synagogue Israel Museum

So back to Monday and I braved public transport here for the first time. I took a bus across town to the Israel Museum. This museum boasts to being one of the ten top museums in the world, which is a fair boast.

I planned to stay a couple of hours and move on to something else but stayed virtually until closing time there. It’s seriously impressive and I barely saw three of its nine wings in the time I had. I hopped on to a couple of tours, one through Jewish history and artefacts and the other on the Dead Sea Scrolls. Both guides were entertaining and knowledgeable and the stories fascinating and it’s fair to say that I learnt a lot.

dome of ascensionTuesday saw me head to the Mount of Olives. To see the Dome of Ascension which is a small chapel built on the site where Jesus is said to have ascended to heaven. Other sites included the Garden of Gethsemane andthe Tomb of the Prophets.

Then it was across town to Yad Vashem – The museum/memorial to victims of the Holocaust. Another place where time disappeared- I entered after lunch and before I knew it it was dark outside. It was a moving way to end five days in Jerusalem.

Yad VashemSo that’s the latest with me. Still waiting on my transport. I know it’s not very in depth but considering the time of day I think I’ve done my best. My next stop is Minsk, Belarus so stayed tuned for that! May the Journey Never End!


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