Tasting Japan – Some of my Japanese Favorites!

Japan is a country famous for its food. With so many options and different names, what exactly can you expect to eat when you are in Japan?

Tasting Melbourne – Hofbrauhaus (German Restaurant)

A number of weeks ago now (well, as per when this post will appear) I visited Chinatown in Melbourne. We have a pretty decent Chinatown in the centre of town, where you certainly can find a plethora of Chinese eateries. I remember a wonderful dumpling restaurant from my fays at University that we would frequent …

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Tasting Melbourne – Bahari Greek Restaurant

Anyone who lives in Melbourne and goes out from time to time probably knows, Richmond is an area not short on good restaurants. It has a pretty wide selection of cuisines, from Italian to Thai, Persian and a large number of Vietnamese restaurants. Mostly restaurants on the Swan street strip are pretty well regarded. And …

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Tasting Surfer’s Paradise – Shiraz Authentic Persian Restaurant

Howdy all and welcome to another ‘Tasting’ blog where I go as foodie as I get. Today’s review is of a restaurant I visited a couple of months back now in Surfer’s Paradise. As soon as I realised there was a well-regarded Persian restaurant in the centre of Surfer’s, I knew I would have to …

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