Spots in Melbourne – United Currency Exchange

So here’s a little secret I thought I’d you in on. If you’re coming to Melbourne, or living here and about to travel overseas and need some foreign cash.

United Currency Exchange is the place I go to change my cash. Why? Because the rates are really exceptional. By that I mean I haven’t found better in Melbourne or its suburbs, and these last few weeks I’ve been looking for good rates as you might imagine.

For example – when gives a mid-market rate of say 1AUD to 0.685 USD, the rate you get there will invariable be at least 68 US cents to the Australian Dollar. Which would be probably 1.5 cents per dollar better than most places, although in the area you will find some decent options. But out in the suburbs you’d be lucky to find a place offering you more than 66 cents per AUD.

No fees or commission, the biggest issue is the line – everyone wants to change here. I think they are very good if you need to buy currency for travel in Asia – Yuan, Yen, Singapore Dollar, Ringgits and so forth – then I think you’ll do very well. With USD and Euro though they sometimes run pretty short and there was a sign two weeks back saying you needed to order your AUD in advance (although for smaller sums I think you can get it).

United Currency Exchange is located in the QV building, just inside up from the corner of Lonsdale street and Swanston Street. Thanks for stopping by – May the Journey Never End!

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