Top Posts of 2019

Hi all again! It’s a bit late, I usually do more ‘end of year’ type posts but didn’t this time around. However, I thought I would do a post on the top posts I had that I posted last year. Frustratingly my top posts of 2019 were not actually written or published in 2019 – They remain consistently my look at ‘Classic Escapes’, and reviews of Scoot and Latam Airlines. But I think what is most embarrassing is the post that came in number one of all 2019 posted posts. And it’s this one!

  1. Denmark’s Worst Export – Married at First Sight

With the most tenuous of links to the theme of my blog – travel – this post was borne from my unfortunate addiction to what is probably TV’s worst show, and yet here I am in 2020 and the new season has just started and I’ve been sucked right in again. But there you go – the number one post of 2019!

  1. City Rumble – Berlin Versus Moscow

My ‘City Rumbles’ seem to be one of my most popular ‘series’ of posts, and this one from 2019 became my second most viewed post from 2019 – which would you rather visit?

  1. How do I choose the places I visit?

And this is one of those more thoughtful posts I guess. Apparently people are interested in how my deranged mind works.

  1. Cities NOT to Return to

And here we have a negative post coming in at number four. Which cities have you visited and then put a line through, never to return?

  1. Pakistan – Preconceptions versus Reality

I like to visit and write about places you might not consider visiting, and I was gratified to see that this post made today’s list!

  1. Destination: Iraq

Good friend to the blog Tim Blight of wrote a post on a country you don’t see many visiting right at the moment, Iraq. And it proved to be a hit!


Thanks for stopping by as always, and also as always – May the Journey Never End!

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