Buenos Aires – Through My Lens

Howdy all, it’s time for another edition of ‘Through My Lens’ and this time to the Argentinian capital, Buenos Aires. And it’s a very photogenic city with different districts and some incredible architecture. Enjoy!

Cafe Tortoni proudly displays a photo of a certain visitor from many years ago.
An Argentinian Fast Food joint.
Tasty lunch in Buenos Aires.
Pharmacy in Buenos Aires.
Giant letters – great place for a selfie.
Interesting building in Buenos Aires.
Place to get your dog washed!
Sketching in Buenos Aires streets.
Statues in the Museo de Bella Artes.
View from Palacio Barolo.
Our waiter in Cafe Tortoni.
Student revellers in Buenos Aires.
Guard at the Casa Rosada.
Interesting cartoon on the wall of Cafe Tortoni.
Beginning of the tour of the incredible Palacio Barolo.

Inside Cathedral.
El Alteneo from outside.
Buying cigars.
El Ateneo from the first floor.
El Ataneo – an amazing bookshop in Buenos Aires.
Cafe Tortoni
At the symphony Buenos Aires

Thanks for stopping by! May the Journey Never End!

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