Accommodation Review – Marins Park Hotel Ekanterinburg, Russia

After a couple of hostels and a yurt, I found myself in the rather wonderful business hotel ‘Marins Park Hotel’ in Ekanterinburg. Okay, it wasn’t the most amazing stay I’ve ever had, but it ticked all the main boxes and I left feeling pretty satisfied with my stay and choice.

The Station.

I had a basic double room at the hotel on the sixth floor I think it was. I paid around $72 Australian per night, which was about right I felt. The location suited me pretty well, although it wasn’t really central. Instead it was directly opposite the train station around 100 metres from the entrance. Across a very busy road, but there was an underpass, and also directly outside the hotel there was a tram and trolley-bus stop which aided into getting into town.

Ekanterinburg is not actually that big either so public transport proved really good to use. Can’t imagine there’s a reason for a visitor to use a taxi.

I was met at the reception by Andrei, and revelled in the fact that he was my Russian namesake. He spoke good English, as did another receptionist Regine, and I have to say the staff were well versed, always helpful and very professional too. The wifi system in the hotel requires a password sent to your phone – which needs to have a Russian simcard installed. Which I did not. But the staff sent the password to their phone and hooked me up in an instant.

There’s a couple of shops below, and a few restaurants on the same side of the road less than 50 metres from the entrance including a Japanese restaurant and a McDonald’s. Down the road to the side of the hotel (which leads to the centre) there appeared to be a supermarket and a few more restaurants. Not that you could self cater here. The location proved best for my early-morning departure as I had to walk for 2 minutes and I was in the station.

The room was not that spacious, but clean and comfortable, as was the bed. Noise could be heard from the corridor but I don’t remember that being an issue at night, and there was a television but I don’t think there were any non-Russian language channels. The bathroom was compact, the shower was pretty good and pretty warm. As per usual, despite the temperatures outside being in single figures, inside it was very very warm!

The Coup D’etat though was the laundry service. How much is a good deal? How about totally FREE! And it came back to me in a few hours. I had let it all build up whilst in Irkutsk. I would have needed to do it all myself there in the hostel and there was no dryer, so I let it lapse as I was out and about in the daytime. I presentedroom service with two large bags of dirty clothes, and within around 3-4 hours, I had them both back, clothes clean and dry and even folded!

I once had to reject the chance to have clothes cleaned at a hotel in Cameroon because 34 Euro was just way too much to pay, but here at the other end of the scale – wow! Simply wow!

So, if you’ve the money to go midrange, this hotel really is a simply wonderful option in Ekanterinburg!

Andrew’s Ratings:

Value for Money: 3.5/5

Cleanliness: 4/5

Noise: 3/5

Location: 3/5

Service/Friendliness: 4.5/5

TOTAL: 18/25 (72/100)

Thanks for reading – May the Journey Never End!


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