PanAsia Panorama – Mongolia

Yes it’s panorama time again! Mongolia certainly provided plenty of opportunities for panoramas. Although I had only four days limited to Ulaan Baatar and a tour that took me to Terelj and the giant statue of Genghis Khan which you can get inside, I still managed to snap quite a few.

Ulaan Baatar is a strange but not unpleasant city. I was able to climb to the top of a hill on the outskirts of town where you can find the Zaison Monument, and from here you get a real sense of the growing capital of Mongolia. You can see quite a bit of building going on in this city where 70% of the Mongolian population apparently live.

I spent a night sleeping in a Ger (Yurt/circular Central Asian tent) in Terelj, a settlement which mostly deals with tourists. The mountains are stunning there, it was utterly freezing the first day, barely zero degrees and much less at night, and then the next morning – around 15 degrees at 8am!

There was also a very interesting temple up a hill as well.

So there you have it – Mongolia looks pretty special stretched across the screen! Thanks for reading, and May the Journey Never End!

2 thoughts on “PanAsia Panorama – Mongolia

  1. These panoramas are very nice. They remind me of Mongolia, though I didn’t wander around Ulaanbaatar as much as I should have. Where is the statue of Ghengis Khan that you can go inside?

    1. the statue is a little out of the city. feels like the middle of nowhere but in the context of Mongolia I guess it really isn’t. Google maps actually telling me it’s 54km from UB so there you go, probably further than I thought, thanks for reading!

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