Taking a … Journey to the Center of the Earth

As far as journeys go, this might be the ultimate ‘World Journey’, well, okay, the real thing, not the ride. When I think of Disney movies that deserve a ride, this would probably be far from the top of the list. Not that I have EVER seen a movie of Journey to the Center of the Earth. And there have been a few versions as I found out when I saw Innes Lloyd’s stage show of and about the book/films of the same name. But neither David Innes nor Rob Lloyd had any idea that there was a RIDE based on the story!

Promo image for Innes Lloyd’s ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth’ show and the Melbourne Comedy Festival.

Actually, neither did I until I went to Tokyo Disney Sea. It’s Tokyo Disneyland’s little brother, admittedly, but is still I think SIXTH in the world for most visited theme parks. Yes, I too was somewhat surprised.

Look, the ride was okay. Actually probably my favourite ride of the day. It was also the longest wait we had, around an hour which really isn’t that bad. The queue was interesting –  we met a young girl called Nao who was 9 years old who was in Tokyo Disney Sea by herself for the whole day because her mum had an appointment and her brother .. I don’t know, was older and didn’t want to spend time with her. She had a year pass too. And she knew all the rides inside out.

She said she was scared of this ride, and asked if my wife would sit with her. However, seats were only two across and my wife was nervous too and wanted to sit with me! The line was woven around many objects, a cave, and the photos all come from queuing up. Cameras weren’t allowed on any of the rides. Thankfully the cave we queued in was actually really clever and well done. Helped pass the time.

It’s creepy, lots of things glow. We had to take a lift down to get on the cart/bus/train thing. It started gentle and slow, but as it went on we were jolted from side to side. It turned into a bit of a roller coaster. We went up a steep indoor hill and then woosh! Down we went, so the ride had a few thrills. I would have happily gone again, if it wasn’t for the wait…

Brendan Fraser. A reason I may never see the actual movie the ride is based on.

But sadly, I don’t think we actually got to the very centre of the Earth. I’m going to check out one of the films and see what it’s like, but from everything I’ve heard, the ride is better! Thanks for stopping by…

May the Journey Never End!

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