A Japanese Jaunt

Hi folks. I’m on my way to the airport in Tokyo, about to fly home and conclude a six week trip that began shortly before midnight on the last day of April. It’s been another incredible six weeks but tomorrow I arrive home in the morning, with a short shift at work in the afternoon.

What have I been up to in Japan? Well, mostly family stuff really including seeing my new newphew who is certainly very ‘kawai’. We hopped on the Narita Express straight after arrival and changed to the Shinkansen and headed to a place not to far from Nagoya to visit my wife’s Unlce and Aunty. Whilst there we didn’t do much but we did go to Toyokawa Inari, an old temple not too far away.

Then we took the Shinkansen to Yokohama and we’ve spent time catching up with my wife’s parents and sister, and as I said, met our new nephew for the first time. We had lunch in the Lumine building adjacent to the Yokohama Train Station in a place that served a nice buffet and was called ‘Cruise Cruise’. Great view over the city.

I have been able to do a couple of touristy things whilst I was here. I visited the Miraikan Museum, which is really a museum of the future. I was able to walk inside what I presume was a replica of the International Space Station, and see a demonstration of Asimo. ‘Who is Asimo?’ You might want to ask. Asimo is a robot, it has the ability to walk backwards, forwards and sideways and signed a song to us as it played. So it was pretty impressive.

To get there I had to take the ‘Waterfront Line’ which I hadn’t taken before. It rolled around on tyres and had wires and other things to keep it going the right way.

Then yesterday we went to Tokyo Disney Sea. I have been to Tokyo Disneyland before, so decided to try DisneySea out for size. It was a good day, it’s amazing how something so American can become so Japanese! Highlights included the Journey to the Center of the Earth ride and a roller coaster that did a full 360 degree loop. 

Lowlights were the fact that the Toy Story ride was closed, waiting in long lines and the food I had at lunch at the ‘New York Deli’. We finished with a short Gondola ride which was nice, and it was interesting to see the Japanese attempting to pronounce ‘Arivederci!’

And so the sun sets on another trip. My flight, which was originally supposed to leave before midday, was changed as it was a Jetstar flight, and Qantas decided to take over the Tokyo to Melbourne leg. So now  leave 8-9 hours later and again have to attempt sleep in a plane. 

Wish me luck! I may be off the blog for a short while once I get back and return to life a so-called ‘normal’, but it shouldn’t be too long! May the Journey Never End!

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