Normandy, a Chateau and Rouen.

Howdy all. I type this blog post today as I take the bus to Charles de Gaulle from Rouen. Very lucky to have a bus that doesn’t stop in Paris. We will overnight at the Ibis at the airport before we fly off tomorrow for six days in Japan before returning home to Melbourne. So there is not long to go!

We took the train out of Paris to spend a night with my wife’s friend in Nauvre Lyre. We stayed in a wonderful, 300 year old house and we filled up on lamb, cheese and bread. Not to mention wine. I’ve been eating far too much in France. 

From there we had a night in a chateux, run by friends of my wife’s friend. A beautiful, restored chateau that has clearly been a labour of love to the owners, Chateau la Duquerie was a wonderfly comfortable and welcoming place to stay. Again we had a big dinner there, and really enjoyed the bath they had. More details will naturally follow once we get back to Australia.

Then to Rouen. The capital of Normany in northern France, Rouen is probably most famous for Joan of Arc. She was imprisoned in Rouen, tried and eventually burnt at the stake. Here we enjoyed the historic centre of town and visited the cathedral de Notre Dame (de Rouen).

Aitre Saint Marclou

We also saw the tower where Joan was imprisoned prior to her execution, and the wonderful building Aitre de Saint Marclou. The building itself is not open to the public, however the courtyard is. The style, as in much of Rouen feels very ‘Tudor’, which of course is a British time period reference. It seemed to be a little earlier in time here.

So, that’s that. Europe is almost gone, Japan and 6.5 months of work remain for the year. Hopefully there’s something to blog about before I get home! May the Journey Never End!

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