Accommodation Review – Hotel San Francisco, Quito, Ecuador


I stayed at the Hotel San Francisco (de Quito) in early October. I stayed there principally because it was the hotel used by my Intrepid tour to Galapagos which included a night at both the start and end of the tour in Quito. I also stayed an extra two days before the tour commenced, so over three nights I ended up staying in three rooms.

Exterior from the street.
Exterior from the street.

I paid around $55 Australian for each of the two nights. The website has a single listed as $38US plus taxes, so that probably works out to be about right. So what were my impressions of this place? Well firstly I’ll talk rooms. Honestly, the three rooms couldn’t be more different.

Single room.
Single room.
Single room reverse angle.
Single room reverse angle.

My single was pretty small, but it was nice. They were all pretty nice. Comfortable double bed, small bathroom. The second room was a triple with three single beds. It was a corner room on the first floor and was very strange. It had two levels, the first with just a bathroom and entrance area, an even smaller bathroom (this time for a triple!) and then this narrow spiral staircase to the three single beds. This room opened onto the courtyard, whilst the single was around a corner on the same level. Hence the triple copped a bit of noise. The third room, a double on the return to the city, was the best of the three. The bathroom was a decent size this time, an unlike the other two rooms, I could actually receive a wifi signal in the room.single-room-bath-hotel-san-francisco-de-quito-1

Bathroom in single room.
Bathroom in single room.

Wifi was an issue, and in Ecuador getting decent wifi can be a bit of challenge. At the Hotel San Francisco wifi was best in the courtyard, which is the highlight of the hotel which is in an historic building. It’s a really interesting building and the courtyard area is lovely with chairs and tables to relax at. There is a roof they pull over it if it rains (frequent afternoon occurrence in October) so it’s a great place to while away an evening.

Courtyard is a feature.
Courtyard is a feature.

The location is pretty much in the centre of the old city, or a couple of blocks away from it. You’ll find lunch places all around and it’s 10-15 minutes’ walk to the restaurant district La Ronda. The Old City is pretty safe at the moment with police at most corners until around midnight.

The service was very friendly and helpful too, I had no complaints, and there is a luggage storage room there that you can use, most used by those on Intrepid and other tours. All in all, for the mid-range price the rooms are pretty decent, the location is great and if you’re looking for something under $50US this is a pretty solid choice!


Andrew’s Ratings:

Value for Money: 3.5/5

Noise: 2.5/5

Friendliness/Service: 3.5/5

Cleanliness: 3.5/5

Location: 4.5/5

Total: 17.5/25 (70/100)

Thanks for reading! May the Journey Never End!

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