Salta, First Taste of Argentina

Hi all. Well, today I leave Salta on an overnight bus to the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires. I’ve been enjoying a few relaxing days here, I’ve gone out and seen a bit but really just relaxed in a nice city, very different from any I visited earlier in South America. I’ve had a great Air BnB host as well, so I’ve had a bit of space and a different environment which has been a bonus.

I’m a bit weary from the writing, I just wrote my diary entry for today (yesterday by the time I publish this one) and it was just a whinge-fest. The last two days I spent writing a post on the American Election I’m not going to post because basically the post is a mess as I try to be ultra-balanced about the whole thing. Everybody has written everything there can be to say about it anyway, right? And I’m in Argentina. So you know, don’t cry for me.

The best two things I have done here in Salta is visited the Museum of High Altitude Archeology, and take the cable car up the San Bernanardo hill. The former’s claim to fame, like the museum i saw in Arequipa, is mummies. Four in fact. Two were on display. Three were found up a mountain nearly 500km west of here, right up a mountain called Llullaillaco, and no I can’t give you a phonetic spelling for that.

This one is more than 6700 metres high, luckily the museum is in Salta closer to 1400 metres. I saw the ‘Lightning Mummy’, a young girl buried alive as part of the three on said mountain. I gather they were put to sleep before being buried as part of a ceremony. 500 or so years old. Wow. The other mummy was very interesting, discovered early 20th century it went missing, so the condition was not so good, found and brought to the museum in Salta where it can be well looked after in the right conditions. Part of me thinks it’s fascinating, the other part thinks maybe they should be left in peace.

The cable car ride isn’t actually that amazing, but it’s a great thing to do and there are some good views of Salta from the top of the San Bernardo Hill. A nice cafe there too, I walked down, it took for ever and my knees were wobbly by the end. It leaves from a great part of town with a beautiful park with swans, fountains and the like.

Also I visited the San Francisco Convent. Not the first convent of that name I have visited. Some nice things but honestly, I’m pretty over the whole eclesiastical circuit at this stage. The Museum of the North is in a wonderful building and has some old, unrestored horse-drawn carriages. Also in the collection a Renault from 1912. There is a room with a bunch of pictures of men with moustaches. I imagine these were the rulers of the north of Argentina in the years gone by. Strangely, not a Stark amongst them.

I have seen a couple of other things. It’s a nice place, with a lot of trees compared to what I’ve seen earlier in South America, I’ve had rain, humidity, and no issues with altitude. I think a couple of nights would be plenty for Salta, but it’s been nice having a break and slowly down. I have slept SO MUCH! May the Journey Never End!

3 thoughts on “Salta, First Taste of Argentina

  1. Again, you teach me about a new place! Salta sounds interesting enough, but I guess it’s more of a gateway than a destination?

    And “don’t cry for me”… you had to, didn’t you? :p

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