Sweet Sucre

Howdy all. My last night here in Sucre, southern-ish part of Bolivia. I’ve stayed three nights and would you believe this is my first three night stay since my first stay in Quito. It’s been crazy and tiring and rewarding as well.
Sucre is the nicest city I’ve been to in Bolivia. Well, I’ve only seen three. But despite three days not really being thaty much time, I’ve managed to see a bit and even found a place that does the best burger I’ve had in South America – Cosmo Cafe. It’s awesome.

I’m going to try and keep it short and sweet today. The central square again is very beautiful and it’s where I visited the Casa De Libertad – the building where Bolivia’s declaration of independence was signed. It was pretty impressive.

Today I visited the Cathedral Merced where I climbed up to the belfry for impressive views, but I have to be honest, I was very uncomfortable up there. I also went to the general cemetary, which was actually quite beautiful. I saw a lot of memorials for very young children though which was very sad. I walked to a place called Recoleta where there were more great views of the city.

However, my favourite of the day and Sucre was the Santa Clara Monastery and church. It’s not THAT amazing, but the guy working there (who was also the organist) showed me around to the cloisters and opened up the organ and showed me the 500 pipes it has. It was brilliant.

Sucre has enough to keep you interested for a few days, but it’s also really a very nice place, not as high as Potosi or La Paz which has made a major difference to me. Walking up hills never felt so easy!

Probably won’t be able to blog for a little while now. Wifi is reputedly pretty bad in Uyuni and I don’t know about whilst I’m on my Salar de Uyuni tour – which is what lies ahead of me over the next few days. Thanks for reading, and May the Journey Never End!

2 thoughts on “Sweet Sucre

  1. Looks like a nice place to hang out and chill for a couple of days. Looking forward to reading about your next adventure – I’m learning about South America every time I log on to your blog nowadays 🙂

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