At the (other) Copacabana. And the Isla Del Sol

​No, I’m not in Brazil. Yet. I’m here in the delightful little town of Copacabana on the shores of Lake Titicaca, in Bolivia around 8-10 km from the Peruvian border. I’ve had three days of sunshine, and a great chance to relax a little. Why, today I even slept in!

There’s not an awful lot to do here, which is certainly no bad thing at all. I’m at a lovely guesthouse for $19 US a night called Hostal La Cupula, with a couple of gardens, a kitchen, comfy rooms, great hot showers and a pretty decent restaurant. Much needed sort of respite, although tomorrow I head to the capital La Paz, probably just for a short one night stop.

Yesterday, well, it wasn’t a rest. I took a boat out to the Isla Del Sol where there are a few villages and a few Inkan ruins (yes, there are plenty in South America), and a hiking track that I guess in total is around 9km. 

The island has a few peaks, so there’s a few hills at altitude – it gets up to around 4100 metres. So I certainly felt it. The ruins themselves were small, but I guess rather attractive in their own way. The total hike took a little over four hours and was very rarely flat. It turned out to be quite a challenge for me, however I do feel that I managed better than with other hikes earlier on this trip.

Now I’m sitting in the garden of La Cupula, relaxing, writing, and well, thinking a little of what lies ahead. I haven’t done much at all today. And that’s not a bad thing. May the Journey Never End!


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