The USA – Through My Lens

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Today my lens points in the direction of the USA. Here are a selection of photos from my time there back in 2004.

betsy ross house
Betsy Ross house, Philadelphia.
Beautiful Boston.
botox texas
The things you see in the sky!
cafe route 66
Awesome cafe on Route 66.
golden gate bridgr
The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco.
grand canyon 2
Yup. The Grand Canyon. Arizona.
grand canyon
And again.
gun show texas
A gun show in Texas. Well, I HAD to!
halloween approaches
It was almost Halloween when I was there.
hollywood sign
The Hollywood Hills.
hoover dam
The Hoover Dam.
in and out burger
There’s so much choice when it comes to fast food!
alligator swamp
At the Swamp Tour, Louisiana.
Austin Texas
Austin, Texas.
in washington
Washington D.C.
largest gift shop in world las vegas
Not sure if it really is the largest gift shop in the world. But it was pretty big! Las Vegas.
las vegas 2
Las Vegas.
mcdonalds nw york
The Golden Arches in New York.
new york
New York across Central Park.
las vegas
Not the real Eiffel Tower. Las Vegas.
old house new orleans
Old House, New Orleans.
penns landing
Penn’s Landing.
philadelphia school bus
roads texas
Roads above roads, Texas.
san diego
San Diego.
san fran bay
San Francisco Bay.
san franscisco streets
Hills of San Francisco.
usa pic
Stop en route on the Greyhound bus.
war monument
War Monument, Washington DC.
washington monument
Washington Monument.
washington street
Flag waves proudly on a Washington street.
white house
White House.

Hope you enjoyed these photos. Take care – May the Journey Never End!


      1. You’ve brought great shame upon your ancestors! But seriously, folks… The photograph identified as Philadelphia is actually another image of Boston: it’s the intersection of North & Cross Streets, the building in the center is the Bennett School.

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