Re-Blog Saturday – Teaching and Learning in Georgia

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Today’s reblog sees me enter my final days in Georgia. Hope you enjoy!

Today is December the 19th. I sit in my hotel room in Tbilisi typing out another blog entry. Life is strange. Tomorrow I fly out of Georgia, with a couple of hops across China, to find myself once again in my country of Australia. The teaching experience is over for the year, the travelling experience, begun on the 3rd of March, also comes to a close when I touch down in Melbourne, all things going well, Thursday morning.

The school in Jikhanjuri

So what can be taken from this teaching experience? So much. I’ve learnt about myself. I’ve learnt about the amazing people of Georgia. Yes it may have been a teaching role I fulfilled but I did even more learning than teaching.
Last Thursday the school held a concert and a party just for me. It was very humbling. There was singing and a lot of Georgian dancing and then food and wine. Wine is number one here, ahead of Georgian take on Vodka called Tcha tcha which is rather harder to drink. I kept well clear of the later. Seems I have made a lot of good friends here in Georgia. Lots of students were upset I was leaving, lots of hugs and an inordinate amount of photos.

Me with one of my classes on the last day.

Coming to school the next day with five lessons was rather surreal. Still managed to do some teaching, saying a lot of goodbyes. It’s great to have made so many connections, to gain invaluable experience and to see what amazing people live in Georgia. The classes were mixed. Some were attentive, others less so. Students seemed to struggle the longer the day went – classes in the morning were always better behaved. Students are so keen to answer questions putting there hands up, standing up and shouting out the the teacher. Both a good and a bad thing. Seems even the students I had pegged as not the best were even sad to see me go. Some students would never do homework. So frustrating as a teacher. Some were always exceptional.

Georgian dancing at the concert

And so after the concert we ate and people said so many good things about me and wished me only good things for the future. Wow. I was blown away and most of the things said naturally I believed were untrue or gross exaggerations. I went to Batumi and took a night train back here to Tbilisi. Time to prepare for tomorrow’s flight and reflect on the past three amazing months.


Thanks for reading – May the Journey Never End!

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  1. hemmm, i like about all, education tahnks for your article, make me very happy coz now i know education in norwegia.

    how do you do, iam from Indonesia Yogyakarta

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