Faces of Kyrgyzstan

banner faces of kyrgyzstan copy

Time I think for another ‘Faces of’. I was initially going to do a ‘Faces of Central Asia’, combining Kyrgyzstan with Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, but when reviewing my photos from the region, I realised that I had more than enough photos of people from Kyrgyzstan alone.

boy altyn arashan

At Altyn Arahsan, in the mountains.

boy and dog altyn arashan

Also at Altyn Arashan.

At Altyn Arashan, in the mountains in the region near Karakol, I stayed at a hut with a family.. No electricity there, but the family were very friendly and happy for me to take photos.

boy on the road to Lake Issyk Kul

Boy at a rest stop between Karakol and Bishkek.

family in Bishkek

In Bishkek the father of this family tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I would take their photo. Truly!

family near the broken heart

Actually I just wanted a shot of the hat, but the family were happy to pose in front of the ‘Broken Heart’, near Karakol.

soldiers in Bishkek

Soldiers attend a performance at the Concert Hall in Bishkek, the capital.

couple altyn arashan

Bottoms up! Altyn Arashan.

in the countryside

Farming family near Karakol.

me and vlad

The owner of the hut in Altyn Arashan with me!

soliders in Bishkek theatre

Inside the theatre, Bishkek.


I hope you’ve enjoyed the Faces of Kyrgyzstan! Take care and May the Journey Never End!


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