5 Brilliant Australian Places on Australia Day

It’s Australia Day in Australia. It’s not all good, it’s certainly a day of contention with good reason because of what the day means for Indigenous Australians.

Putting that all aside, and not wanting to go political today, here are five places in Australia that are seriously brilliant and worth visiting.


5. Hamilton Island

hamilton island 1 Hamilton Island beach

This island off the Queensland coast is not really for the budget conscious, but as the main island of the stunning Whitsundays you can’t beat it for a stunning island location.


4. Sydney Harbour

Sydney Opera House from the ferry.
Sydney Opera House from the ferry.
Sydney Harbour from above.
Sydney Harbour from above.

Well, as a Melbournite one can feel reluctant to give kudos to the capital of Victoria’s northern neighbour. The harbour from Darling to Manly is one of the most beautiful parts of any country you will ever see. Best seen from the ferry!


3. Uluru

uluru 1 uluru 2

Apparently not recognised by Google’s spellcheck, Uluru (also known as Ayre’s Rock) is a truly stunning natural wonder in the Centre of Australia. There are plenty of other places around to hike as well in the area. It’s honestly a very special place.


2. Melbourne


Melbourne’s a brilliant city with culture, entertainment, sport and not that far away – beaches. The best eating you’ll find in Australia too, it’s my city and it’s loved for good reason.



Cradle Mountain - from wikipedia
Cradle Mountain – from wikipedia
Port Arthus - from wikipedia
Port Arthur – from wikipedia

I haven’t been to Tasmania for… well decades. But by god it’s a beautiful place. It’s got history with convicts being sent to Port Arthur, picturesque Hobart as the capital, and the wild west coast. Then there’s Cradle Mountain and so much more. Just between you and me – I’d love to retire there one day.


Hope you’re having a good day wherever you are – May the Journey Never End!


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