Eurovision – what in Europe?

As the evening grows here in Australia, no doubt people have headed to bed and set their alarm clocks for 5am to get up early to see how the contest unfolds in 2015. Not me, I have work at 8am and frankly, I can watch it later. I guess I’m just not ‘hardcore’ like I thought I was.


So, as the hours count down I thought I’d remember some of the stranger, more recent Eurovision entries. Remembering that last year it was won by a woman with a beard. There have been so many strange ones, but here are a few that are quite catchy that I thought might pique the interest of those not quite so familiar with the world’s brightest song contest.


Boonika Bate Doba [Moldova 2005]

Possibly the first entry by Moldova, this bouncing number with a crazy singer was topped off by the Granma beating her big drum.


Dancing Lasha Tumbai [Ukraine 2007]

Verka Seduchka came up with this oddball dressed in flashy silver and featuring several languages. What’s not to love?


Irlande Douze Pointe [Ireland]

After several years of trotting out pretty much exactly the same song and getting no where, Ireland decided in 2008 that what the hey they’d choose a grumpy puppet of a turkey. They failed to make it past the semi-final stage.


Pirates of the Sea [Latvia]

Latvia in 2008 managed to find the Baltic version of the Wiggles it seemed. As fun as this song was, I’m still not sure it should have been in Eurovision. Which means it should have.


Leto Svet [Estonia]

Estonia, 2008. It’s even more bizarre with English subtitles.


Baila El Chiki Chiki [Spain]

2009. Just watch it I can’t explain it.


And finally

Weil der Mensch zählt [Austria]

I genuinely love this bizarre song. Look at Alf, look at the backing singers and the cardboard cutouts. The brilliance and bizarreness of the altered mind. From my first proper Eurovision and still my favourite contest, 2003.

Thanking you all kindly for indulging me in Eurovision week, normal service will resume shortly! May the Jounrey Never End!


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