Sunday Spotlight – New York City

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I mean – come on! There’s no place like it in the world. It’s simply a place you HAVE to go. I’ve been twice. It’s so bloody BIG! Seriously. It just goes up and up and it’s really long (Manhattan Island for you!)

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What can I say? I first visited NYC in 1999 and although my memory is a bit hazy, I do remember how amazing Times Square was, I do remember spending quite a lot of time in Central Park and I do remember waiting an awfully long time to get into The Late Show with David Letterman. And then not get in. I also went to a night club, it was very industrial. Back in the day when I could stay out all night of course. I took the subway home at 7am or something.

Times Square.
Times Square.

Fast forward a few years and I was back in New York City in 2004. And well, it was the same but different as you can imagine after the events of September 2011. I visited the site of the World Trade Centre. In 1999 I had gone up the Empire State Building, which is certainly worthwhile even if you do get herded around like cattle in and out of the lifts. The Skyline of Manhattan is seriously unforgettable, the way it just continues on and on.

Plans for the Freedom Tower as of 2004 on display at the site with the WTC once stood.
Plans for the Freedom Tower as of 2004 on display at the site with the WTC once stood.

I took the Staten Island ferry return because the Lonely Planet had suggested it was a way to see the Statue of Liberty. A tip. It isn’t a GOOD way to see the statue. Best to actually get a tour to the statue that goes to the little island it’s on because if you want to see it, or at least you want a decent photo, then the Staten Island ferry is not going to get you anywhere near close enough, and if it’s cloudy or smoggy (reasonable chance) then only the world’s greatest tele-photo lense with filter is going to allow you to snap something reasonable.

Inside the NY State Library
Inside the NY State Library

ny 9What else should you do in New York? The New York State Library is a really impressive building, worth spending some time in inside even if as a backpacker you’re just doing your blog or diary writing. Sorry that the pic is so crappy!

Tree lined avenue in Central Park
Tree lined avenue in Central Park

Then there’s shows shows shows! Broadway is not to be missed, you can get cheapish tickets from a booth in the middle of Times Square (well, in 2004 you could!) and I got to see ‘The Producers’ before the movie was made. It was… pretty awesome. There are the museums, the hot dogs, and Central Park with the skyline above it is a place you can easily chill on a late summer’s day for hours if not a whole day. What can I say? It’s a must visit city.

Lake in Central Park
Lake in Central Park

What are your New York City experiences? Please leave a comment and may the journey never end!

8 thoughts on “Sunday Spotlight – New York City

  1. I agree 🙂 There is no other place like this in the world 🙂 and I am happy to call it home 🙂 I hope you visit again soon. At what time did you visit Central park? I have never seen the mall (the tree lined avenue) this empty… The “Producers” was my first broadway show too and I loved it 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading. I couldnt imagine LIVING there for any length of time to be honest. To visit it’s amazing. and it’s amazing because so many people do. But although I’m not a laid back kinda person, I prefer a more laid back kinda place. But as a place to visit for a week, or a few days, or even a little longer, NYC is certainly special. The avenue photo. Hmmm it was probably late in the day knowing me, and it would have been October so not Summer at all. That’s my best guess!

  2. Shikha (whywasteannualleave)

    I LOVE NYC! Completely agree that it’s one of those places you just have to visit to understand why it’s so happening and amazing@I also liked the fascinating audio tour at Ellis island and a walk along Brooklyn Bridge! This post makes me want to go back!! I keep thinking I would want to see some of the other sites when I return but to be honest, I’d never tire of seeing the sights above either!

  3. I have to be honest that the USA generally doesn’t really appeal to me as a travel destination – it’s not that I’m avoiding it, but there are just lots of places that I’d rather see first. That said, I think New York City would be my pick of destinations…. it looks so exciting!

  4. The USA has plenty to see and do. Lots of nature of course and mind blowing cities like New York City. I understand though your feelings. As a kid I was always desperate to go there thanks to movies and TV shows, but by the time I started planning my 1999 trip it suddenly got 3 weeks out of 9 months. Still, I think there are some must see destinations in there, NYC being on top of the list.

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