Getting Set for Departure

I have just under a week left in my home of two years now in Ichinoseki. We have been packing and preparing to shift down to Yokohama where we will live for six weeks before flying to Melbourne. We’ve been frequenting the second hand stores to sell off a few things – I just said goodbye to my guitar yesterday which was a sad occasion.

Shoya Restaurant

And last night we had a bit of a farewell dinner and karaoke night with some of the friends we have made since 2012. Firstly we went to a restaurant which was right next to the Ichinoseki station. Right under our noses for two years, this was the first time we tried the place. We ordered a range of dishes and shared around mostly, and the food was good as was the price – 2000 yen a head, just on or under $20US per person and there was approximately a drink each in there as well.

One last night of karaoke!

We then headed to the local favourite karaoke place – ‘Crayon’ is the name, and for around $8US an hour per person it is all you can drink and all  you can eat nibblies as well. How can you go wrong. So all in all, a great night with friends.

A special thanks to Nate, Maxime, Miho, James, Dean, Hazel, Rosanna, Michael, Kevin and L.A. for coming out in the cold (and boy it was chilly) last night!

… by the way I’m not in the pic!

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