My World – Finding me! (Oh) :D

Sorry for the very lame joke as the subject!  Today’s post is something of an attempt to list all the ways to find me on the interweb.

cover ethiopia 2nd ed copy


Well I stand with two days of teaching left in Japan, but still over two months before I head back home. It means more feverish work on writings and the like. March has JUST seen two Short Journeys: [Ethiopia] and [Kazakhstan] released – Second Editions, via Payhip and Lulu, so now they are available on all platforms that I use.



If you are looking to find me elsewhere on the interweb, I thought I would list my author pages for. Most of the information including this blog can be found right here  at WordPress. WordPress has links to all books on all platforms as well.

The blog still exists in its original location too on blogger, and that will continue for the foreseeable future:

World Journeys Blog – at Blogger


I have a facebook page too, please ‘like’!

World Journeys on Facebook


And of course on twitter, please follow  – @WorldJourneys75


On Payhip I have an author page, it’s here:

World Journeys on Payhip


And Lulu here:


World Journeys on Lulu

So, until next time, all the best!

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