Gallipoli – Through My Lens

Hi folks! Anzac Day was yesterday. I didn't have time with work to set out a post with loads of photos, but I have this morning. So here are most of the photos I took back in 2004 when I visited the Gallipoli Peninsula and Anzac Cove in Turkey. Lest We Forget.

Border Crossing Experiences – the Good

One part of travelling still gets me a little excited is crossing borders. Although you know that an imaginary line on the ground that divides two countries really can’t bring that much difference, somehow it’s all pretty exciting stuff – especially when you are going into new territory -  country you have never been to …

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First Taste – Istanbul (Turkey)

Istanbul is a seriously impressive city. I don’t know if, considering the troubles the country is having right now, it’s getting its usual flow of tourists – I suspect it is not. But for me it was my first taste of Turkey before heading south. Which is a little odd in a way considering I …

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Night Bus Adventures [Part Two]

Today I return to last Wednesday topic of the deadly and feared ‘night bus journey’. Honestly, I’d really rather not but sometimes you have to take one. It seems like in so many parts of the world it’s preferable to take the bus at night for everyone as compared to using daylight hours on travelling. …

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World Journeys Podcast – Backpacking Europe (Episode 9 w/ Jock Read-Hill)

In today's podcast I speak with Jock Read-Hill about backpacking through Europe, in particular the UK and Turkey. This is a great podcast with lots of humour and some great anecdotes! Jock is a highly talented fellow from down Melbourne way - writer, actor, chef and more. We also chat a little about hostels and travelling Australia. …

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