Essential Tips for Travel in Japan!

So what do you need to know if headed to Japan? Today I’ll talk a little about the people, customs, language and culture, things to be aware of as a foreigner, and talk a bit about transport and accommodation options. And as always I will finish with a few recommendations on what to see and where to go in incredible Japan! Thanks for joining me!

On the Shinkansen

It seems odd that I’ve never done a post specifically on the Shinkansen before. One reason is that I didn’t have ANY pictures despite having used the Shinkansen many times since first visiting Japan in 2011. So today’s Train Journeys is going to look at this Japanese marvel of modern technology getting you from A …

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Japan Survival Guide Part 3: Getting around Japan by Rail!

Whether you’re here to live, or here backpacking you are going to have to get from point A to point B somehow. I was considering doing a post all about transport in Japan and including driving, because for many people coming here to live and teach driving is an essential part of the day and …

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