Tasting Melbourne – La Roche, St Kilda

Today I look at an exceptional meal at a place called 'La Roche' in St Kilda, Melbourne. Find out how I find this place and what I ate that left me very satisfied indeed!

Tasting Turkmenistan

What can you expect travelling in Turkmenistan as far as food is concerned? Well, it’s still Central Asia and so the staples that are popular elsewhere in the region are as always easy enough to find. If you fancy plov, shashlik or some sort of dumplings, you’ll be well looked after in Turkmenistan. Here’s a rough summary for you of the places I ate at and the things I ate.

Tasting Surfer’s Paradise – Shiraz Authentic Persian Restaurant

Howdy all and welcome to another ‘Tasting’ blog where I go as foodie as I get. Today’s review is of a restaurant I visited a couple of months back now in Surfer’s Paradise. As soon as I realised there was a well-regarded Persian restaurant in the centre of Surfer’s, I knew I would have to …

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