Melbourne Revealed – A Culinary Tour of Oakleigh

Howdy all! Today I am really excited to present to you what I think is the best of these ‘Melbourne Revealed’ episodes yet. Join Tim Blight of and myself as we head to a great part of Melbourne, the suburb of Oakleigh. And by “great” I mean great for your taste buds.

Oakleigh has long been the Greek Centre of Melbourne, with a large Greek population. This means there are loads of Greek bars and restaurants in Oakleigh where you can enjoy some seriously tasty food. But there is more – other cuisines have taken hold as well in Oakleigh, and it also boasts The Oakleigh Doughnut Company (TODCO) which really does produce some of the best doughnuts money can buy. ANYWHERE!

Tim and I set about to try four different places in this VLOG. Starting at the All Seasons Dumpling Restaurant, we move on to Kalimera Souvlaki Art, to Risk Bar and finish at The Oakleigh Doughnut Company. How will we find the pickings? Will we be satisfied or disappointed? Check out the video we made where there’s plenty of food and plenty of light hearted moments and even the occasional joke!

You can check out my earlier post on this day here – Tasting Melbourne – One Day, Four Spots in Oakleigh!

Thanks for popping by today! May the Journey Never End!


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