Tasting Melbourne – Roule Galette

How are your tastebuds today? Because we’re heading into Melbourne’s CBD to a place where the crepe rules – a ‘creperie’ if you like. I do try to bring as many different cuisines to the table in my ‘Tasting’ reviews, from Afghan food to, well, fast food. But today it’s ‘French’ and a specific kind of French food.

I’ll be honest and start by letting you know that this was my wife’s choice, it’s certainly the kind of place she likes she’s rather into crepes and pancakes and the like. Having said that, she’s not a fan of the ‘Pancake Parlour’! Pancakes… well ‘crepes’ I should say are not my idea of what constitutes a ‘meal’ I guess. But I was happy to give it a god and see what was on offer, and if my mind could be changed. Could I consider crepes a ‘meal’? That was my challenge.

So Roule Galette was one of two creperies my wife had whittled her lists of possible places for lunch down to, and in the end the one she decided on. It is well positioned, a few minutes walk from Flinders Street Station, a block up Swanston street in Flinders Lane. Melbourne has a number of these lanes where you can find all sorts of places to shop and eat. This was half a block or less from the corner of Flinders Lane with Swanston Street.

We were lucky to get there at 12pm or just before, because it was already pretty busy but we were able to get one of two tables that were empty at the time. Limited numbers at the time due to restrictions, but it wasn’t a big place to start with anyways. Still, they’d used light from large windows and white paint to make the place look a little roomier than it actually was. Nevertheless, it did feel a little cramped, but it is in the CBD which is standard. There was the option to eat on an outside table, but it was just a little too cold for us to take that option.

The menu has obviously a number of crepes, some were targeting the breakfast crowd as it opens early. I looked up and down the menu and there was nothing that jumped out at me as being something I especially fancied, so that meant I had to think through the different items and see what might appeal, and in the end I decided to try the ‘Atlas’ – a crepe with lamb and beef sausage (which they call ‘spicy’ but wasn’t very), potatoes, onions, Swiss cheese,  yogurt and shallots. My wife chose the ‘Camembert’ which was, you know cheesy and also featured apple. She felt it was different to what she expected, but didn’t mind it.

I wish we had had a little more time. Well, it take a little time to actually get our crepes. Then I would have tried one of the many dessert crepes which I think I would have liked. But I only had the time to sample the one. And… it was nice. It wasn’t ‘blow you away’ nice, it didn’t turn out to be a combination of flavours where the sum of which was way better than its parts, but it was nice. It came with a green salad, which was disappointing (I know it’s the fashion to mix rocket with another kind of lettuce these days, but tell me, does it really do anything for anyone) and although my main worry was that it wasn’t going to be very filling, it didn’t leave me still desperately hungry (although if there was time I would have fitted in a dessert crepe no worries).

When looking at the menu there is a snail crepe, Truffle Salmon and even a couple of crepes which are flambees, which would have been interesting to order. They sort of market themselves as being very ‘French’ and some of the choices offered on the menu certainly back that up. They have a second outlet in the south-eastern suburbs (Carnegie) and it felt like they were starting a bit of a franchise, which I think makes it feel slightly less authentic. I haven’t been to the Carnegie one obviously but I expect they use the same typeface, colour scheme and signs as the one I visited.

Perhaps there will be more in the future in other locations, I wouldn’t be surprised and it certainly was busy. I would guess they do really good breakfast trade. I could see it being an effect outlet in a place like Chadstone Shopping Centre (the biggest mall in Victoria) but not in the middle of a food court, rather on a corner between department stores or some place like that.

I wasn’t blown away by the place, but it was okay, but not really my thing. I think that if you do like your crepes, you’d be happy to eat here. Perhaps I will visit an outlet of the Pancake Parlour and review that for you one day. We’ll see!

Thanks for reading today. Take care, and as always, May the Journey Never End!


2 thoughts on “Tasting Melbourne – Roule Galette

  1. I’m not big on the crepes in Japan, they taste like paper to me, or what I imagine paper tastes like anyway!! But the crepes in Ireland are really good. If they are more Irish than Japanese than I’d probably like Roule Galette. I was trying to imagine how that “roule” is pronounced… so I googled it, presumably its from the roule of roule cheese!? “Ruu-lay”??

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