Foto Friday – Sign in Sarajevo Mosque

The main mosque in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina, is the Gazi Husrev-Beg Mosque. This sign educated visitors to etiquette back in 2004. I wonder if it still remains... Thanks for stopping by - May the Journey Never End!

Small Places – Djenne, Mali

Djenne is a pretty special place. A small town on the less-populated side of the Niger River. As I wrote in my recent post on Mopti (Sunday Spotlight – Mopti) I visited on a longish day-trip from Mopti. Actually, half the fun of the day was the amazing journey from Mopti to Djenne and back, …

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Sunday Spotlight – Agadez

Hello folks. Today, a place which I can’t really talk much about with words. Agadez is a town in the middle of the desert, in the middle of the dusty, dry and poor West African country of Niger. Niger itself is one of the poorest countries in the world, the capital Niamey is a place …

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Sunday Spotlight: Lahore

During the week someone lay down the challenge to me to write about Lahore, so here I am responding to the challenge. Now, Pakistan is probably not right at the top of anyone’s travel itinerary right now. It’s not really the safest of countries and hasn’t been for a few years. I went ten years …

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