Jodhpur and Pushkar – Blue City, Holy City

Jodhpur and Pushkar are two places in Rajasthan you really shouldn't miss, both with amazing beauty and colour. Check out my latest vlog from these two places!

Jaswant Thada – Jewel in Jodhpur’s Crown!

As readers should know, I loved Jodhpur when I visited a few months back now, in fact it became my favourite city in Rajasthan. It sits slightly below and to the side of the incredible Mehrangarh Fort which watches over the whole city of Jodhpur. In fact, it’s only a very short walk from the …

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Jodhpur’s Incredible Mehrangarh Fort

If there were an award for most amazing fort of the year that I dished out from my blog, then the clear winner for 2018 would be Mehrangarh Fort, sitting atop a rocky hill 420 feet above the blue city of Jodhpur. Why – I visited forts in Jaipur, Jaisalmer and Delhi whilst in India …

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