Jodhpur and Pushkar – Blue City, Holy City

Howdy folks and today it’s destination – Rajasthan! Jodhpur and Pushkar are both beautiful places in Rajasthan, and should be high up on the visitor’s list of places to stay – in my opinion at least. Famed for its blue buildings, Jodhpur is known as the ‘blue’ city. Pushkar is smaller, a town where pilgrims head, and is known as one of India’s ‘holy’ cities.

Today’s vlog is one I have compiled which links footage I shot back in 2018 with a number of photos. I hoped I had enough without the photos, but I felt like there just wasn’t quite enough there. It’s another short video, which for me is a blessing. The places both come out as really beautiful in this one, and that’s nothing to with my handling of the camera or indeed my editing skills. They are both simply incredibly beautiful places. Enjoy!

Thanks for visiting today – May the Journey Never End!


7 thoughts on “Jodhpur and Pushkar – Blue City, Holy City

  1. I keep telling myself over and over again that I need to get into the video game, but it just seems like so much work!! You do such an amazing job of it, I am in awe. Just noticed you’re using AMP…. or did you have it before? I tried it out, but my traffic took quite a bit of a dip – have you found that? Within a week of getting rid of it the traffic went up again. Maybe it was a coincidence and linked to something else I did on the back end that week!!

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