Recoleta Cemetery – Through My Lens

Hi all. Today I am doing something a little different with my ‘Through My Lens” segment. Yesterday’s post talked about cemeteries as places to go and visit when you’re travelling, and I talked about some of the ones I have visited. Today I thought I’d share images from Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires, which I visited four years back now.

It is the cemetery where Eva Peron rests, and as such is an important place for Argentinians. And what that means is that it sees more visitors than other cemeteries might I guess. Anyways, it’s a very beautiful cemetery. Lots of narrow passageways and the like. It’s the sort of place which, if it wasn’t a cemetery, I might say is ‘fun’ to explore.

Crossroads in Recoleta Cemetary
Main avenue in Recoleta

Thanks for popping by today – May the Journey Never End!


9 thoughts on “Recoleta Cemetery – Through My Lens

  1. ThingsHelenLoves

    I love a good cemetery and oh, does this look like a good one. The residents of the high rises in the background must have stunning views of the place.

  2. This is not a cemetery, it’s a city! Very impressive. I am not really a cemetery sightseeing type of person as I am always conflicted. You go like wow when you see beautiful graves, but they are graves after all.

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