Sunday Spotlight – Salta (Argentina)

Argentina really is a fabulous place to explore. I barely touched the surface, with only three places visited plus a day trip from Buenos Aires. It’s a land of contrasts and great natural beauty, of seas and mountains, and cities too.

Town Centre Square

Whilst Buenos Aires is a genuine ‘big city’, with amazing buildings and scale not seen elsewhere in Argentina, Salta on the other hand is a very manageable place to visit, with a city centre easily traversed by foot and a lovely town square surrounded by interesting buildings, a friendly vibe and even a gondola to the top of the overlooking hill to give quite the view of what was my first proper stop in Argentina.

Right on one side of the central square is the Museum of High-Altitude Archaeology. Now, that might be a bit of a mouthful, but it’s popular and interesting and it’s THE place in town to see ancient Incan Mummies.

The Cabildo Historico de Salta is a worthwhile museum and restored building showing the history of Salta and the region, on another side of the square. On the third side you’ll find the Salta Cathedral, but a little further from the centre you will find the possibly more interesting Church and Monastery de San Francisco. A quieter church and an interesting monastery with a couple of lovely courtyard.

Courtyard in the San Francisco convent
Parque de San Miguel

Walking through the Parque San Martin is lovely – worth some time, a good place to chill, you can’t help but notice the large hill not far away, Cerro San Bernardo. And there is a cable car up to the top for those as lazy as me!

at the top cerro de san bernardo

From there you’ll have a great view of the city. And it’s an interesting walk to the base of the hill and the town below. I’m not sure how I would have gone in the opposite direction!

Monument General Martin Miguel de Guemes

At the bottom you’ll see the impressive, especially at dusk, Statue of General Martin Miguel de Guemes

Church of San Francisco

All in all, Salta is a great little city. I stayed in an Air BnB (private room) apartment with the owner and met a few people that came through (and introduced them to Australian football!) It’s got a great vibe, and I have great memories of the place! Thoroughly recommended! And of course – there are many more things unmentioned here to see and do!

Cable car to Cerro de San Bernardo

Thanks for reading today! And… May the Journey Never End!

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