Eye on Argentina

Here’s something you might not know about destination – Argentina, it’s a really BEAUTIFUL country. I found this out editing today’s video for you. See some amazing views from up the Palacio Barolo, one of strangest buildings I’ve been in in my life.

When I went to Argentina in 2016 I visited Buenos Aires, Salta, Bariloche – in beautiful Patagonia, and had a day trip to Tigre from Buenos Aires, all of which are covered in this little 10-minute video. Again, wish I had more footage but it is what it is.

I was surprised that I was on two chairlifts when in Argentina too. Always a great way to see a bit of the surrounds including the cities. Anyways, rambling now – Enjoy and please comment!

Thanks for dropping by and as always – May the Journey Never End!


10 thoughts on “Eye on Argentina

      1. It’s a big city, a bit confusing and overwhelming at first as it actually has several city centres, practically in every neighbourhood. Starting from Soho, it is possible to gradually find one’s way around the rest of BA.

  1. I think Argentina’s not as underrated as you make it out to be, as its capital, Buenos Aires, is considered the “Paris of South America.” I’m dying to go there some day, as I’ve heard good things about the Argentinian capital…as well as dip my toes into Patagonia! Thanks for sharing, Andy. 🙂

  2. I love that bookshop and the old elevator in your clip Andy. To be honest I never really considered going to Argentina, I am not even sure what the country has to offer. I guess we get bombarded with ads on TV about California, Florida, Paris etc that some of the other countries in the world do not really get their fair share to be promoted.

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