Travels in Balochistan!

Hi all. I wanted to share today with you a couple of amazing videos I’ve found on YouTube! Angela Carson is a vlogger who has been spending time this year in Pakistan. Balochistan is a rarely visited region/state of Pakistan which is actually really large stretching from the ocean to the border in the north of Afghanistan. It’s mostly desert and there has been a lot of tribal fighting over the past decade or more, which has mostly subsided in the last few years although there is the occasional attack such as one in Quetta in April. The videos I have for you today show its incredible beauty and I’m excited that I have found Angela’s videos on YouTube because she presents in such a real (ie not fake) way and her videos are about what she sees, not herself. I travelled through Balochistan along the north back in 2004 before travel was stopped in this part of the world. Sadly I lost all my photos and footage. I only visited Quetta and took a night bus to the Taftan border with Iran, but still I would love to still have these memories. Anyways, I’m sure you will love Angela’s videos!

Ok – I lied – I put three up today! Thanks and May the Journey Never End!


9 thoughts on “Travels in Balochistan!

  1. Hey Andy, thanks for sharing 3 of my videos from this year’s travels around Balochistan. I spent 52 days there this year, which I’m VERY proud to say is the longest any (non-working) foreigner has adventured around since 9/11 (from what the government has told me). I have 25 vlogs on Balochistan up on my channel. AND I am hoping to be living there in the fall of 2022 for a job I’ve done some initial interviewing for in Gwadar, Balochistan.
    Big thanks again for shining a positive light on Balochistan. This is a region of peaceful, loving people who are victims of terrorism, not terrorists… I wish the world could see them as they really are not as the western media has projected them. XO

    1. Angela I hope it all works out for you! Thanks for MAKING such incredible videos of such an incredible part of this earth! Hopefully the next few years will see a real change in Pakistan and Balochistan in regards to tourism. I guess the next 12 months or so will tell with the situation in Afghanistan which could potentially have a big impact on Pakistan. Thanks for commenting too!

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