Hunting for Bunkers in Albania!

I have some brilliant news – Mr Bald is back! Mr Bald, of Bald and Bankrupt fame, has been missing in action for a number of months this year. Why? Well, he was in Serbia where he caught Corona Virus. He was in intensive care for 9 days I think it was. So his videos just dried up for quite a little while.

But then he surfaced again, in Prague. He’s joined in the protests there in the Czech Republic about the situation in Belarus, but he also managed to get away to Albania recently, and that’s the video I have for you today.

It’s a great video too, he’s back in fine form and you learn a lot about the history of Albania, a country I confess I know very little about. Now I know a little more. Again he finds the people friendly as he goes in search of these concrete bunkers built for defence as the Albanian leader believed they would be invaded, an invasion that never came. Enjoy!

Thanks for popping by today, and naturellement, May the Journey Never End!


3 thoughts on “Hunting for Bunkers in Albania!

  1. Albania has fascinating me in the last couple of years, notably due to its strange history within the last century surrounding its former dictator. While I’m not sure I’d visit it anytime soon (especially on my own due to limited public transport), I’d be keen on checking out the Balkan country at some point some day when I’m ready. Sounds like you had quite the adventure there!

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