From Around the Web – Would YOU fly on a Boeing 737-MAX8?

Folks, Noel Philips is at it again! This video from earlier this year as the Boeing 737 Max was approved to be used again and so who was one of the first people to see how it was? Yes, Noel folks! He posted the video which means he survived! I’m not sure how I feel about flying on a Max after the two horrific crashes that occurred which put them out of action, I think I would rather wait a couple of years before boarding one. But Noel is sure he’s 100% safe! So enjoy this video, and tell me if you would hop on board this plane!

Thanks for popping by! Take care and May the Journey Never End!


2 thoughts on “From Around the Web – Would YOU fly on a Boeing 737-MAX8?

  1. I rarely look at the airplane make and model until I’m safely landed!! So I would unwittingly board it. I have to believe that with its history that they’ve been extra careful to make sure it is safer than it ever was… you would hope!

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