The MIGHT of the Pyramids!

Howdy all! Today a special, incredible vlog! Well, it’s not the vlog that’s incredible rather the subject of the vlog – the mighty Pyramids of Giza, and also the pyramids 30km down the road at Dhashur, including the Red Pyramid reputed to be the earliest surviving pyramid! Join me as I battle crowds and touts and actually this time go INSIDE a pyramid! Enjoy!

Thanks for popping by! May the Journey Never End!


4 thoughts on “The MIGHT of the Pyramids!

  1. I was on a tour when I visited the pyramids, so no worries about all the touts and scams, but it’s a shame that a place so visited by the whole world is still so badly managed, with rubbish all over the place while millions are spent by tourists, where do those millions go? You did a good job getting there by yourself.

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