Egypt 21-Day Itinerary

Perhaps one day we'll have a spare three weeks and be able to travel. And we might travel to Egypt? Who knows? Here's how I would fill a three week Egyptian Itinerary trying not to miss out on any of the essentials!

Five ‘Must-Sees’ in the Middle East

The Middle East is certainly one of the world’s most interesting, ancient, stunning regions. Sure, it’s got its political issues – what place doesn’t? And yes, it tends to get very hot and a little too sunny at times, but also it’s a region so rich with things that are incredibly rewarding and truly unforgettable. …

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City Rumble – Cairo Versus Amman

Let’s head to the Middle East for today’s ‘City Rumble’, I am surprised I haven’t included Cairo in a City Rumble before, and I don’t think I’ve really posted about Amman before at all. So anyways, here we are with the capitals of Egypt and Amman facing off against each other. They are, on the …

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